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3 Year Term; 2 Consecutive Terms 


Holy Trinity Catholic School is a legal 501©3 corporation under the Diocese of St. Cloud.  The HTCS Corporate Board members consist of the bishop, vicar-general, chancellor and parish pastors.  The Corporate Board members meet once per year to review the functions of the school, financial status, make changes to the corporate by-laws and constitution, and approve newly selected or appointed HTCS board of directors.

The HTCS Board of Directors shall manage the business affairs of the corporation.  The Board of Directors will consist of one person from each parish, representing Holy Cross of Harding, St. John Nepomuk of Lastrup, St. Joseph of Pierz, and St. Michael of Buckman, and four at-large members from the four-parish area that are, or become active in the support of the corporation.  The pastor from one of the parishes shall be an ex-officio director of the corporation.  The HTCS Board of Directors, with input from each parish, are selected by the active board of directors, and must be approved by the Corporate Board.  The HTCS Board of Directors has a meeting each month, except for July.  Meetings are open to the public, unless it is a closed session.  Copies of the minutes are available at school once approved by the HTCS Board of Directors.

The administrator of the school carries out policies set by the board of directors. The administrator is the religious leader, human relations leader, academic leader and managerial leader of the school.  This includes supervision of instruction, curriculum development, and the professional development of the staff through in-service programs. The administrator takes care to develop good public relations with the local board of directors, pastors, parents and the neighboring public school.

Board of Directors


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