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Building Projects

To ensure a safe and comfortable learning environment now and for future generations..


Spring and Summer 2023

When our facilities committee reviewed the structure of the building during the 2021-2022 school year, it was determined that the next step in ensuring a quality building for our students was to proceed with replacing brick and tuckpointing. In the fall of 2022, the board approved proceeding with the project. Holy Trinity received a donation from the Estate of Alcuin "Bumpy" Faust, who was a lifelong supporter of Holy Trinity and Catholic education. The donation allowed for the necessary completion of brick replacement and tuckpointing without having to take out a loan and pay interest. Due to the amount of damage on the north side of the building, it was more feasible to replace all of the brick on that wall rather than to do various tuckpointing. This is the wall that they are currently working on. Once the north wall is complete, tuckpointing will continue with the rest of the building.

Why Tuckpoint?

  • Tuckpointing stops the process of corrosion

  • When mortar deteriorates, moisture can get in through the cracks and cause damage to the building

  • Maintaining a brick building with tuckpointing extends its lifespan another 25-30 years or more

ECE Playground

Fall 2022

More information coming soon!

ECE Playground progress 1101.jpeg

First Floor

Summer 2021

The old lockers were replaced with new cubbies. The floor tiles were removed which revealed  beautiful flooring.

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