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Welcome back! See how we've changed...and,

more importantly, how we haven't.

Second Generation Families

The best things about Holy Trinity remain: warm, positive relationships, invested teachers and role models, a family of faith, and a student body rich with God-given abilities.

Family Photo Album

At HTCS, we want our alumni and their children to recognize the loving traditions of the past and embrace the educational aspirations of the 2nd generation members. Though you’ll feel the warm welcome of a familiar place, you may be surprised at how far we’ve come since you have attended. We’ve evolved, grown and changed with the times as part of a dynamic learning institution. From our student-led worship to our outstanding Christian faculty, you will find a school that not only values our traditions but also looks forward to what your children need for the future.

Meet the Gulden Family

My wife and I chose Holy Trinity because it is where my siblings and I attended. I feel that it set the roots to where we are now in life, set us on the right path. I want my children to experience the same. We live in such a busy time, I think my children will enjoy the atmosphere there of the "let's slow down and listen about some awesome stories from Jesus" feel.

I did not see Holy Trinity's impact right away, not until almost thirty. I stepped away from religion/Christ for a while. But when I was deployed to Iraq, I found God again. I realized I needed some help - and he was one of the answers. I believe it was part of my parents doing and HT doing, that taught and gave me tools to see the greatness in faith.


Favorite memories from Holy Trinity include

 *Seder Meal

 *Participating in church - readings, gifts, serving

 *Saying prayers every morning and end of day,    and the Pledge of Allegiance every morning

 *Noise level stop light in the church cafeteria       (always brought a chuckle every now and then)

Adam Gulden, Class of 1997

Alumni Scholarship

Holy Trinity PTO sponsors a $500.00 scholarship each spring for Holy Trinity alumni who are graduating high school.

HTCS scholarship winners

2016-2017              Adam Kroll        
2017-2018              Kelsy Stuckmayer
2018-2019              Jake Andres
2019-2020             Simon Kroll
2020-2021             Emily Herold

2021-2022             Katie Leidenfrost

Scholarship Recipients


Alumni News

Congratulations to Ashley Kimman!

Ashley (Class of 2017) recently signed a Letter of Intent for North Dakota State University (NDSU) where she will be part of their track program,

We would love to hear what our graduates are doing now. Please drop a line to share your news.

Thanks for sharing!

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